VA Loans

5 Steps to a VA Loan
The VA Home Loan Program ensures that all veterans are given an equal opportunity to buy a home with VA assistance. The program helps veterans finance the purchase of homes with favorable loan terms and with an interest rate that is still competitive with conventional or FHA rates.

Who is Eligible for a VA Loan
This article explains who is eligible for a VA loan.

Financing Benefits
Millions of veterans and service personnel are eligible for VA financing.

VA Loan Purposes
This article explains the types of home loans that are available to eligible veterans.

Obtaining a VA Loan
This article explains the legal requirements of obtaining a VA loan.

Restoration of Entitlement
Even though many veterans have already used their loan benefits, it may be possible for them to qualify for VA financing using remaining or restored loan entitlement.

VA Loan Questions & Answers
Answers to commonly asked questions about VA loans.

VA Office Locations
Contact information for all VA Regional Loan Centers.

VA Loan Costs
This article provides information about the VA funding fee and closing costs.